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Dear Friends,
after the success of Allegromosso, XI edition of the EMU Youth Music Festival in Italy, we present a new project by AIdSM - Italian Association of Schools of Music, Assonanza - Association of Schools of Music in Emilia-Romagna and Società Firmatour di Egocentro srl, in collaboration with the Region of Emilia-Romagna, the Municipality of Riccione, which enjoys the patronage of the EMU - European School of Music Union.
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EMU Ģenerālā asambleja
No 9. līdz 12. maijam Polijā notika 38. Eiropas Mūzikas skolu apvienības (European Music School Union – EMU) Ģenerālā asambleja: 40 gadi mūzikas izglītībai un konference "Talants un radošums". Tajā piedalījās LMIIA priekšsēdētājs, Daugavpils Mūzikas vidusskolas direktors Aivars Broks un vietniece, Mārupes Mūzikas un mākslas skolas direktore Dace Štrodaha.
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84 Participants representing 24 European National Associations of music schools and music and arts schools attended the 37th Meeting of the EMU General Assembly and Conference 'Goals for the Development of Music Education / The Seoul Agenda and Bonn Declaration' from 15 to 18 May 2012.
The meeting was organised in close co-operation with the Italian Association of Music Schools (AIdSM) and the Region Emilia Romagna.

In Spring 2012 the Region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy has been the 'Musical Mecca' of Europe and home of EMU's XI European Youth Music Festival. The festival created from 17 – 20 May 2012 a meeting place full of concerts for 6000 young music enthusiasts from all over Europe. Emilia-Romagna, with his facinating and ancient cities and the sheer number of musical venues and activities, is astounding and contributes to one of the richest musical cultures in Europe.

The third EMU Seminar 'European Leadership Training - Quality in Music Schools' referred to the different systems in EMU member countries. Quality systems for music schools in The Netherlands and Germany has been presented and discussed during the seminar.

EMU's 36th General Assembly and Conference was held in the European Capital of Culture 2011 Tallinn, Estonia from 26 to 29 May 2011.
Main subject of the Conference: The Future of Music Education in Europe - Further Development of Music Schools. EMU organised the meeting in close cooperation with the Estonian hosts the Estonian Association of Music Schools.

London is home to many of the world’s most important musicians, bands, orchestras, music colleges and industry players.
We welcome your views on this music education strategy, whether you are a young person, parent, teacher, or work in a music education organisation.

EMU Seminar for music school directors.
The seminar ‘European Leadership Training’ which will take place from 21 - 24 October 2010 in Sindelfingen, Germany, will focus to questions of managing, communicating about and promoting the value of music for society. The themes are based on the results of a questionnaire sent to all EMU member associations. ‘European Leadership Training’ might be a starting point for a series of subsequent seminars under the title ‘EMU-TRAIN’.
EMU General Assembly 2010, Conference 'Music Education in Europe - Music For All'

From 13 till 16 May - the European Capital of Culture Essen in Germany - was the host of EMUs’ 35th General Assembly and Conference ‘Music Education in Europe – Music For All’.
The meeting was organised in close cooperation with the Verband deutscher Musikschulen e.V. (VdM)
'MUSICOMMUNICATION' - 2nd EMU Seminar for Board / Management Associations Milan, Italy 30 September - 3 October 2009

The 2nd EMU Seminar for board and management associations focussed on ‘Communication. Communication between an (music or music and art school) association and their members; among members; political fields; media and related organizations like conservatories and parents associations.
10th European Youth Music Festival, Austria, 21 - 24 May 2009
In May 2009, Upper Austria was the musical 'Mecca' of Europe. Linz, the European Capital of Culture 2009, hosted the 10th European Youth Music Festival. More then 6000 thousand young music enthusiasts from all over Europe merged together and brought the music country Upper Austria to the sound.
EMU General Assembly 2009, Conference 'Music Education in Southern European Countries' / 'EMU in Future'

The 34th EMU General Assembly 2009, Conference 'Music Education in Southern European Countries' / 'EMU in Future' and 10th European Youth Music Festival 'megahertz' has been held in Austria from 19 till 24 May 2009.
'Music Makes Europe' - 1st EMU Seminar for Music School Directors Livorno, Italy 14 - 17 October 2008
The three day Seminar taking place in the Instituto Musicale Mascagni in Livorno provided several project ideas on co-operation between music school directors in EMU member countries.
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